In loving memory

No time on earth is long enough to share with the animals we love or prepare our hearts to say goodbye. When I needed a hand, I found your paw…

In loving memory of Teddy Holden

Sweetest Titch, taken too soon

A very special cat who gave me such happy times over many years. She gave me such love and companionship over many years, and I will always miss her terribly. Her photo hangs on my wall …and her memory lives in my heart..forever. “Missy” Robinson

Here is to remembering happy days with Alfie. He passed peacefully will all those he loved around him on 23 Aug 2019. Missed so much and forever in our hearts

Jasper. Always there, desperate for hugs and purring til he gave himself hiccups. My constant companion for 14 years, through good times and bad, and I’ll love him forever. 26-2-20

Wonderful Tiger, at peace now x




Our beautiful boy Morgan. He gave us the most special 12 years of memories. He’s left a massive hole in our hearts but will always be forever loved and missed.



       Wonderful, handsome Rebel

Storm and Diesel being the best!

Bertie in his favourite spot at his favourite time of year


My darling Red 12/3/19-8/10/19. Taken from us too soon. We will miss you. Anita

For Henry

I can still smell your breath, I can still feel your fur, I can still sense your paw when I sit on the floor. I know you feel better now the pain is gone, but there’s a hole in my heart, where your light shone. Run free my friend and never look, your time here was precious and I appreciate that. I’ll whistle your call when I’m feeling sad, because I know when you hear it, you’ll come running back


My gorgeous Taffy, pictured here in 2015. Went to sleep 7th March 2020 in her 19th year. Loved beyond measure, treasured forever. See you at The Bridge my sweet girl xxx

In loving memory of Cleo Holden

Beloved Tigger

Remembering Lily


Beautiful boy Toby. Loved so very much and forever and will never be forgotten


Our beautiful Ellie, so blessed she shared her life with us. We miss you x

Dinky. He was rescued at 10 and was given a second chance at life, he gave us five glorious years of happiness. He will be forever missed and our lives have been enriched for having him with us. “The Grand Old Duke of Bork” 13-2-20


Amber our beautiful girl our best friend. Amber loved life, she loved to dance around in the water waiting for stones to be thrown in so she could find them, she loved to play ball although she often lost out to one of the others. She loved everyone and just wanted to sit on your knee. We miss her so much and always will

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