Palliative Care

Golden Healer

The Palliative care service (or Golden Healer care – so named after the Golden Healer Crystal) is provided for pets who are not ready to let go yet and need a little more time

and of course for owners who feel in the same situation about letting go. We can also help pets on long term medication for chronic old age illnesses but for whom visits to the vets have become too stressful. Owners have usually made a decision that they don’t want further intervention for their loved ones in terms of diagnosis or tests and just want what ever time they have left to be happy, peaceful and pain free.

Vets and owners have the privilege of being allowed to euthanase (or put to sleep) the animals in their care that are suffering. However, whilst the word “suffering” is black and white to some people, it is grey to others and whilst some people might think it is cruel to keep alive a dog whose back legs are failing, others will see the pleasure it gets from chasing a ball using a set of wheels to fly along on.

At Eternal Paws we work hard to help you find a way through this challenging time. We would tell you if we thought euthanasia was the kindest option but we would never make you take that step until you were ready and in many cases there may be treatment and palliation available.

We only look after elderly and end of life pets so days and weeks of quality time with them are the precious moments we are looking for although sometimes we have been able to turn this into months and years.

For whatever the reason you get in touch, we always aim to help and support our families with decisions and wishes and where possible work alongside your own vets with open communication to ensure your pets are front and centre of the care being given and always working in your pet’s best interests.

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