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Rose quartz care

Home Euthanasia or Rose Quartz Care (rose quartz is the crystal of universal harmony and unconditional love) is about helping your pets pass over peacefully and return home to spirit surrounded by love.

It is so important that our loved ones feel safe at this time and that we are able to hold the space for them as they start their next adventure. So often we are asked “how will I know when it’s the right time?” and our answer to this is that if you have to ask then it’s not the time. You have the greatest bond with your pet and their sentience means they often aren’t ready to leave when their clinical signs might suggest they are. Try and connect with them and be open to the signs they send you about being ready.

You may feel that euthanasia is inappropriate and hold strong beliefs against it – please just accept it as a privilege that, as vets and guardians, we can choose to help our loved once pass gently if they ask to be helped and often when you tell them you will be ok if they let go then they are able to make this choice without intervention but with our blessing.

If you feel you might need help at this time then simply register your details with us by phone, text or email and then either call when the decision is made or if it sits more comfortably with you then you can make an appointment but if you need to cancel even within an hour of the visit, there is no charge  as the decision must feel right with no outside pressure either financial or personal.

The process of letting go is so gentle and is often built up to be something awful but its not, its calm and peaceful. Your loved one is always given a sedative injection first which doesn’t hurt but allows them to fall asleep with just you by their side feeling safe and loved. Once fully asleep the second injection is given which acts quickly and their transition into spirit begins. Please, if you take nothing else from here and choose another vet to help you ask for your little one to be sedated first so they know no fear or pain, only peace and kindness

If you are at all worried about your elderly pet

Please Contact Anita on 07557 789 789 or care@eternalpaws.co.uk

We will NEVER pressure you to put your pet to sleep, we will work hard to help you find a solution