Pet cremations and funeral service

Amethyst care

Pet Cremation Service or Amethyst Care is named after this beautiful crystal as it helps to alleviate sadness and grief, dissolves negativity and most importantly raises spiritual awareness and intuition. For this reason, we want the care of your pets after they have passed to be associated with amethyst

Eternal Paws has now opened its own Pet Crematorium and Funeral Lodge nestled in the Cheshire countryside and open to both Eternal Paws’ clients and non-clients. For costs please see Prices or call 07557 789789 for more details

Pet Cremations

Eternal Paws pet crematorium is here for you if your pet has passed at home or at the vets – not just for existing clients – and we can collect them from where you would prefer. Or if you wish, you can arrange to come to the crematorium in person – this is by appointment only to ensure your time here is private and peaceful.

Your pet will come first to the funeral home where, if you would like, we can take paw prints, nose prints and fur clippings (at no extra cost) and if they have only just passed, their energy can leave surrounded by crystals. Once they are ready they will be cremated on their own. The crematorium is only small. All cremations are private and individual so you will always receive only their ashes and all of their ashes.

Ashes are ready to be collected the following working day and in some cases can be ready the same day. There is a choice of caskets which can be found here

Funeral Services

Red House Lodge (named after Anita’s puppy, Red, who died) is available for celebrating the life of your pet and in this special place you are welcome to invite your friends, family and loved ones to remember him or her and create a ceremony of your choosing (with our help if you need it) or simply to gather and share stories and be enveloped in peace and tranquility. The crystals within the funeral home and the unconditional love that comes from all our hearts creates a palpable calmness

We are also able to look after your pet, before cremation, if you need a little time. Especially during the pandemic, if your pet has had to pass at the vets, it has been difficult for everyone to be with their beloved companions. Heartbreakingly some families have not been with their pets at all so this is a chance to be together to say those goodbyes.


We can also help you with ideas for memorialisation.

On request we can arrange nose prints and paw prints and can facilitate jewellery being made using ashes or help with the commissioning of a portrait. We have a variety of caskets available but also access to bespoke candles, teddies and other beautiful ways of keeping token ashes close by. The pain and sorrow of losing a pet is intense and only time will ease the heart ache but in finding the right way to remember them such as planting a tree in their honour or keeping a coat clipping can bring great solace and in the future, happiness in the earth bound memory you created.

If you are at all worried about your elderly pet

Please Contact Anita on 07557 789 789 or

We will NEVER pressure you to put your pet to sleep, we will work hard to help you find a solution