Any cat lover will understand how precious our cats are to us, and it’s heart-breaking when old age or illness means we have to be parted from them. Anita is the most caring kind of cat person and has cried with us when we’ve had to say goodbye to our beloved pets. She has treated them (and us) with great dignity and empathy and made sad partings more bearable. Most recently, one of our cats – the beautiful Titch in the picture( s) – was knocked down by a car and Anita was there help us through the trauma, share in our sadness and loss and arrange a dignified cremation for him. When it comes to the living, Anita is an outstanding vet who will treat, advise and lavish genuine care on your furry friends treating them as if they were her own. I would recommend her services to anyone and wish her every success with her new venture.

Anita gave us incredible support and strength at such a difficult time.

She showed real compassion and understanding as well as complete professionalism.

Bertie’s last moments were handled with the utmost care and gentleness. Nothing was rushed, and sad as it was, we took great comfort in the that way Anita dealt with Bertie and the whole family, at such an emotional time.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anita to give the greatest of care. Jayne. Stockton Heath

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Anita for caring for my beloved cats Cleo & then Teddy when they was at the end of life.
Anita was absolutely the right person she wasn’t trying to bully me into ending their lives, she helped me to care for them so they died at home with me. I could not have taken them to some austere vet and let them die,   I wanted my beautiful cats to die  here with me in their home.
I cannot praise Anita enough she knows how to assist you & your animals, your fur babies can sense she is a good, kind person. Teddy was hiding but came starsight out when Anita shouted him, losing my cats was the worse thing but I can take comfort knowing they got the best care and they was not traumatised by vet surgeries.
If you need a vet to come to your home do not hesitate to call Anita she is a wonderful vet and a wonderful person.
Anita is the vet I would call & always recommend if you love your animals this is the vet to call.
Yvette, Cleo and Teddy

Anita has been a vet and a friend to my pets for 7 years. I think she cried more than me when we had to say goodbye to my last cat. Her professionalism, compassion and commitment are exemplary.


We can’t thank Anita enough, she helped us through the worst time and the grieving process. She looked after Daisy like she was her own and gave her the perfect send off that she deserved. We can’t recommend her enough! She made everything stress free, she explained everything which helped me through the grief. She’s so lovely, we feel like we’ve known her for years. She made us feel so at ease. Thanks Anita for everything. We’ll be forever grateful. Wendy, Steven and the girls and Ty


We are so grateful to Anita for coming out to Macie.
Macie moo was sadly at the end of her long and happy life and our vet had refused to come out to her.
We were sick with worry at the thought of traumatising Macie by having to transport her to the Vets surgery.
We found Anita’s number on the internet and rang her.
Anita was so sympathetic with our situation and agreed to come out that day.
On arrival, she bonded beautifully with Macie….there was no hurry and Anita ensured that Macie had a calm, dignified and gentle end.
We could not thank Anita enough for her kind and thoughtful service and she should be congratulated for providing such a caring and needed service.
Thank you Anita
Drew and Jen X

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for the care and love you showed to Louis when he had come to the end of his journey with me. You made what was the most horrific day as bearable as it can be. Louis was completely comfortable in your presence from the moment you arrived, and you couldn’t have shown more compassion for what he and I were going through. Your words of comfort then, and in our dealings since, have been such an enormous help to me. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anyone better to care for Louis and give him the send off that he so deserved. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I can’t tell you what it means to me to know he was treated in this way. He was the very, very best of dogs; the most beautiful of souls, and you were his perfect guardian at the end. Thank you so very much. 

I first met Anita 2 years ago for my best friend Tigger, he was the best Xmas present I’d ever had and I would never think of him ever passing away and I would say he’s Peter Pan and never dying. But the real world came and brought Anita who made it so much less painful, her gentle caring manner is genuine, I’d never heard of the rainbow bridge until Anita educated me.
Tigger was given a gentle, pain-free and peaceful end of life and aftercare by Anita, which I’d never experienced with other vets before.

So when my last remaining cat became an elderly diva I contacted Anita again for Tess to have elderly care medication.

Anita listens, understands and gives you explained options and time a very unique vet indeed which is rare. I’m so glad Tigger was sent to the rainbow bridge by Anita and no one else.

“Anita is an amazing person…she came to see me when I was in a very depressed state when my gorgeous cat Missy first became ill…and left me feeling hopeful something might be done for my best friend.

Even when after many, many months it became inevitable we had reached the end of the road, Anita gave me positivity …and reached out to give me inner peace, in the knowledge that although I had lost her physically, she would always be there with me.

Her advice was peerless …and her deep love of animals is exceptional, making her the first person I would turn to in any medical situation with a beloved cat or dog.

We were blessed to have our Ellie May come to live with us at 11 weeks old, 6 months after myself and my husband moved in with each other. 

Ellie was an amazing, strong willed – sometimes too strong willed beautiful white German shepherd.  She brought so much joy to everybody who she knew and had the biggest impact on all of us.

Ellie was anxious around people she didn’t know and the thought of taking her to the vet filled us with anxiety. That was until Anita was recommended to us.  The first time Anita visited I was anxious, hoping Ellie wouldn’t react, she didn’t! 

Anita has the most amazing calming influence on animals… and us adopted parents! 

When the time came to say goodbye to our beautiful girl when she was 12 1/2 years old we couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to do it, it was heartbreaking, it still is! But Anita made the situation loving, kind and special for all of us. 

We miss Ellie so much but would recommend Anita without doubt, she is truly wonderful, kind and caring right to the end! 

Thank you Anita 

Our eternal thanks and love Nicki and Paul x

Thank you is not enough for your care and compassion shown to him and us, we are extremely grateful he had to you to look after his final stage of his wonderful life. From Debbie x

What a wonderful service!

We are truly appreciative & thankful there are vets that operate as Anita does. No words can express how thankful & grateful we are for her quick response, compassion and her sheer empathy she showed our beloved Mika. We couldn’t have asked for a better send off. Thank you is truly not enough!

Love Sandy and family x

We would certainly recommend Eternal Paws. Anita is a very compassionate vet, such a lovely genuine lady. Her chapel of Rest is a beautiful place, and we are so glad we found her. Our beloved dog, Tilly, went over the rainbow bridge peacefully in those lovely surroundings. We cant thank her enough! Gail & John

I really couldn’t recommend eternal paws enough, knowing Gerald was cared for completely even after I left him means the most to me and made the whole experience actually feel positive! It was a really hard time to go through but Anita was so genuine, I felt like I was leaving him to be looked after by someone who really cared for him and not a stranger. Having such an amazing experience helped me with my grief so that I can think of Gerald but also still give the rest of my beautiful piggies the love they deserve, instead of shying away from them in sadness. I will always love and remember Gerald, but I couldn’t be happier with how he was passed onto his next chapter with such care; I really believe he would be grateful to have departed from me into Anita’s welcoming arms. 

We will forever be grateful to Anita at Eternal Paws for coming to our rescue to help our beloved boxer Alfie run free over the rainbow bridge. Our vet refused to come out to our home and we were unable to move him due to him being so uncomfortable.

Anita was compassionate, caring and professional and allowed Alfie to pass away surrounded by his own family in the home that he loved  which is all we could ever ask for.

I don’t know what we would have done if Anita hadn’t come to our aid last year. Rebel was so very poorly and our vet had refused to come out to him. I was adamant that I was not forcing him into my car and have his final moments on a vets cold floor. I was distraught -so at 8.00am on the Saturday morning I found Anita’s number on the internet and rang her. Within a few minutes she put me at ease and had arranged to come and see Rebel .
On arriving not only did she keep us calm the way she handled and spoke to Rebel was beautiful – and made me cry again. Her empathy, compassion and professionalism is more than you could ever wish for Wendy Moore , Warrington

When it came to end of life care for our beloved boys Storm and Diesel there was no question in our minds of where to turn, and that was to Anita. Anita had supported our dogs in their younger years when they were not only pets but competed extensively, and we knew then Anita is not only understanding of what your pet needs, but what you as an owner need in terms of support, there is never a greater time you need to have utter confidence in your Vet than at end of life. There were never too many stupid questions regarding the fears and doubts in our minds, but Anita made the end of life journeys for our boys as comfortable and full of love as they had come to expect of us as doting owners. Diesel was taken by painful bone cancer, and his journey was helped by Anita when the pain was too unbearable for him. Storm’s journey was that of an elderly dog whose body was just tired and giving up. Blind, deaf, wobbly and exhausted this was by far the hardest thing we had to deal with but Anita helped us every step of the way, giving us confidence that it was ok to support him in his final months making him comfortable and pain free. With her support Storm passed quietly in his sleep by the fire, Storm was always a very quiet dog and for him to find the confidence to do this was only with the help of Anita. Her encouragement to help us as a family face and deal with such an often unspoken subject in such a beautiful and respectful way will never be forgotten. End of Life care really is something Anita has been blessed with a talent for, her mild manner, and utter respect for your pet and ownership is something that helped us through such difficult times. There would be no other person we would turn to and we cannot recommend her highly enough because of her support we know our boys passed with utter respect and love which is the final gift we could give them before their journeys took them to the bridge.

We are eternally grateful to Anita for her kindness and compassion. Losing Oliver our 21 year old cat was really tough but looking back it was beautiful too. We had time to say our goodbyes and when we were ready, Oliver went to sleep in our arms knowing he was loved. Anita is such a beautiful soul and without her Oliver wouldn’t have had such a long and happy life. Thank you so much.


Our beautiful Finnbarr deserved the best care that there could ever be, and thank God for Anita, that was made possible. He was in such pain and stress, the thought of taking him to be with strangers, to hand him over and never see him again and to leave him alone without his family: we just couldn’t bear to consider it. He was so brave, helped so much by Anita calming him, he passed away in my arms, in his own home, surrounded by so much love. We are heartbroken with missing him, but so comforted by the calm, loving care that Anita gave him that it is beyond thanks, she spent so much time and emotion and with us too. We will be eternally grateful and cannot find the words to express our true appreciation for all that she did for Finnbarr and for us too. 14.05.2003-26.01.2021

Our beloved Freddie was so very poorly last Thursday, we took the hard decision to help him, we got in touch with Anita, from eternal paws, the moment Anita came to see Freddie, she was so caring and gentle with Freddie, sat next to him talking to him, after a couple of minutes Freddie passed away before any intervention or sedation, Anita sat with us and gave us all time to process Freddie passing. She gently informed us that she will take Freddie to her chapel of rest, she sent a video of Freddie in the chapel of rest, surrounded by crystals, playing beautiful music. Anita brought Freddie back the next day, and sat with us, she was so caring and thoughtful, we cannot thank her enough for what she did for our beautiful Freddie, she gave us pictures of paw prints, nose print, paw pin badge, and a lovely rainbow card with lovely words, forget me not seeds to plant.
Our hearts were broken to lose Freddie, but we will remember Anita for helping to make Freddie’s passing such a calm and peaceful experience.
Freddie is now with his best mate Boris our Labrador, bless them both💕💕.
We will be externally grateful to Anita, and would not hesitate to recommend her.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Anita 💕💕

I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Anita, who came out at very short notice on a Sunday, 1st October to Alfie.  Alfie was my Son’s black Labrador who lived to fifteen and a half.  Alfie was a gentleman, and a very gentle soul, with the most expressive eyes.  He had to live with me for his last two-and-a-half years, and my Son missed him desperately; they were always inseparable.  Anita made the whole experience so gentle and kind, helping him to drift away.  The support staff are to be applauded for their kindness. My Son and I will always be so thankful to all.
Heather and Greg Sherriff.

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